Paul Wright: Interiors

14 July - 18 August 2021

A stunning collection of Interiors from the studio of Paul Wright. We are delighted to exclusively represent Paul with his Interiors. Here, we have two distinct sides to the collection. Some have the vibrancy many of you expect of Paul, others have a more earthy palette but both have a slight retro feel. The vibrant pieces take you back to mid 20th Century: Televisions before remote control and Netflix sit atop iconic design furntiure while the the earthy palette nods with a cool 70's vibe in it's abundant foliage, but both with a contemporary and dynamic energy. With gorgeous frames and a perfect size to fit any destination. What more can you ask?


They were created at 2 separate times, and I think I'll have to have one from each. We are holding Pauls' prices down for now, given the last year so. make the most of it! All work is available to view in the gallery and via video appointments if you can't get here. 




Best wishes