The Linda Franklin Collection

17 - 28 September 2020


My paintings have been described as a form of contemporary expressionism, where colour takes centre stage.  I care about creating happy, magical places, referencing nature in all her wonderful everchanging colours.

Poetry has always been a source of great inspiration to me. I find the interplay between poetry and painting fascinating. Both art forms require rhythm, form, structure and strong composition; both seek to create something new out of something familiar. Where the poet uses words, the artist uses the rhythm found in the juxtaposition of colour, composition, line and form.  The poets who have had the greatest influence on my work are Alfred Lord Tennyson and Gerrard Manley-Hopkins.

Manley-Hopkins found great solace in the beauty of nature. When he talks about such things as “the dappled with damson West” or a place where “dragonflies draw flame and kingfishers catch fire”, or where “down in dim woods the diamond delves…where quick gold lies” I cannot wait to try to capture the essence of these magical wonderful worlds on canvas. 


Similarly, with Tennyson, I find myself continually re-visiting the Lotus Eaters and Oenone in particular.  Intensely evocative lines such as “Slow dropping veils of thinnest lawn” and “On either hand the lawns and meadows-ledges midway down hang rich in flowers,” and “far below them roars the long brook”  have been the inspiration behind so much of my work. Ultimately, I want to create a space where it is possible to stop and dream while, somewhere between reality and fantasy. For me my paintings are never truly finished; they are merely ready to go on to their next chapter, with a new owner who will bring their own interpretation and experiences to the work and the imagery contained therein.

I hope my paintings bring happiness and resonate with the wonders of nature  that have inspired them