Bath Life

6 - 26 August 2018

An exhibition to showcase works of art that depict the vibrant city we call home. Bath Life brings together 14 talented artists outside of the ART Salon stable in a celebration of the summer. 


Artists include:

Paul Weaver

Chris Webb

Shuya Cheng

Richard Milo

Nora Roe

Christopher Wortley

Ben Hughes

Martine Baldwin

Tom Lietzau

Vassiliki Dimitrakou 

Astra Taylor-Todd

Jenna Fox

Judith Beeby

Adrian Thomspon-Boyce


Current Artists:

Michaela Justice

Stephen Bishop

Kerry Edwards


The Bath Life exhibition runs from 6th - 26th August. One piece in particular has been receiving a lot of attention. Local artist Adrian Thompson- Boyce created a life-size pencil drawing of local celebrity, Big Issue vendor Ian Duff and his gorgeous dog Boycie. In our shop window for the duration of the exhibition it caught the attention of the writers at Big Issue and the BBC Bristol team.