Of Land and Sea : A Solo Exhibition by Frances Doherty

14 June - 11 July 2018

For over twenty years Frances Doherty, also known as The Ceramic Gardner, has been honing her craft in glazed stoneware. Doherty has achieved international success and can be found in the homes of some of the most respected ceramics collecters worldwide. Her technical ability is matched only by her beautiful observations of the living world.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The ART Salon's Director, Jeni Weinberger has been working with Frances for the last 10 years. In late 2016 Jeni commissioned Frances to create a collection of work for a solo exhibition. There was no brief beyond that, allowing Frances the freedom to explore ideas, thoughts and processes as her creativity led her. There have been been hard fought moments in Doherty 's studio along the way to get what she had imagined and demanded of herself, however this final collection is extraordinary, unique, beautiful and truly original. 


This exhibiton is supported by Linda Franklin, an abstract expressionist. Franklin's paintings are dominated by her technical ability as a colourist. Multi layered abstracts loosely forming landscapes and seascapes. Her mastery in tone and colour is exemplary. This is a two year partnership. Summer 2019 will see a solo exhibition by Linda Franklin supported by Frances Doherty.