Michele Oberdieck


Inspired by natural forms and organic structures, Oberdieck explores balance and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour, using the vessel as both a vehicle and canvas by which to examine these qualities.


Through her practice as an artist in printmaking, painting and textiles, colour has been a major source for Oberdieck’s work.


Mirroring the soft organic lines created when molten colour bleeds into the other with a biomorphic form. These moody, soft ethereal colour bleeds and the depths they create, are reminiscent of artists such as Emil Nolde, and Mark Rothko.


The shapes of the vessels enhance both the qualities of the glass medium, and the free tonal movement of colour; inciting moods and memories.


How you view light passing through the vessel changes dramatically as the light source changes. Like sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, qualities of a sunrise and sunset are distinct. Flat light, bright sunrise, moonlight, even darkness reveals a new aspect; the work slowly lets you know its secrets. It’s important that each piece continues to evolve.


The production process of glass blowing begs for symmetry but Oberdieck pushes against this to create forms that are twisting, reaching and reacting. Sometimes in motion, sometimes still, they can seem unbalanced, teetering or even off-kilter. With some works tension is created, with others, tranquility. Character is recognized in the works. See a pair, or a group, and you see a conversation, an interaction.