Agnes Pollock

Agnes joined the ART Saion in September 2019, you can view her first collection of work with us in the gallery on  Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September as part of our 'Private View' for Fresh Art fair, Ascot.


Agnes says of her work ' I strip away detail and distraction, in order to give complete focus on a single subject. The subject always takes the centre stage in dramatic light (either strong or subtle, but mostly coming from one direction). The combination of a bold composition and the focus on subtle light and shadows, works well to reveal beauty and a sense of mystery. It provides a visual stillness which draws you in and invites contemplation.


Through layering, glazes and smooth sensitive brushstrokes, I try to appeal to more senses then just the visual.  I want to also give the subject a tactile quality.  It needs to quietly ‘compel’ the viewer not just to observe / study it but also to want to touch it, stroke it, feel it. It needs to have a tangible presence'.


See Agnes's work at Fresh Art Fair, Ascot (19-22 September), Stand B3 and Battersea Affordable Art Fair (16 – 20 October), Stand D2.