Paul Wright

‘I have spent the last 15 years developing a painterly language through which I seek to capture a vitality beyond the establishment of a mere ‘likeness’ to the subject. Whilst I appreciate the importance of the subject being recognisable, they are glimpsed rather  than exposed, their inner selves hinted at but ultimately inscrutable.’


Wright’s work is dynamic, intuitive and intense. His vision of our world is often full of gemstone colour or completely black and white. It is both sensual and expressive. Quiet yet strong. Gentle but intense. This balance of expression is exceptional to see in an artist. He has defined his own path. His work is vibrant but never loud, it invites you in to his world, humbly but with passion. 


His work is diverse in subject matter but his interiors are possibly his most personal of all his paintings. Smaller than most of his collection but private jewel like worlds, tenderly touching the very essence of human relationships. An artist of highly complex but stunning contradictions.


We reperesent all of his different styles but we are delighted to be the gallery with exclusive representation of his interior work.