Contemporary Art Gallery In Bath

  • The Linda Franklin Collection

    The Linda Franklin Collection

    17 - 30 September 2020
  • Paul Wright

    Paul Wright

    24 September - 6 October 2020
  • Tipping The Balance, Emma Jean Kemp

    Tipping The Balance, Emma Jean Kemp

  • Free Blown Glass, Michele Oberdeick

    Free Blown Glass, Michele Oberdeick

  • Millena DeMille

    Millena DeMille

  • Tranquility, Judith Beeby

    Tranquility, Judith Beeby

  • Richard Heeps

    Richard Heeps

  • Paul Wright

    Paul Wright

  • Atmospheric image
  • Anne Whyatt

    Anne Whyatt

  • Peter Graham ROI

    Peter Graham ROI

  • Paul Treasure, River Landscape

    Paul Treasure, River Landscape

SINCE 1996.


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